The Kelowna BMW / MINI Team

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  • Gord Hayes
    General Manager
    Directing Manager

           I love both BMW and the Automotive Industry. I believe I bring a combination of experience and passion for cars to the business. I first started buying and selling cars in my teens and it has been my passion ever since. I made the Automotive Industry my full time career in 1993 with Saturn in Calgary and have never looked back. Several years later, and literally thousands of cars through sales and service, our family was fortunate enough to make the Okanagan and Kelowna BMW / MINI Kelowna our home.

            Delivering Customer Service Excellence in an evolving world through premium brand experience is the corner stone of our business. Service excellence is an attitude engrained in every department and begins and ends with your people. Our goal is to provide unique and premium service anticipating our customer's needs and expectations, then exceeding them.

             Kelowna's four season play ground has offered the perfect setting for both business and play. Driving a BMW allows us to soak in the pleasures around us with comfort, performance and style. Drop by Kelowna BMW / MINI Kelowna and see for yourself how things can be different, you'll be glad you did.


  • Hayden Courville
    General Sales Manager

    Born and raised in B.C. I've always enjoyed the active lifestyle that Kelowna offers.  I started my career in the automotive industry at the age of 15 working with my father.  Employed through different departments of the dealership,  I quickly learned that my passion for driving and the automotive engineering behind it was becoming an obsession.  Something that I really enjoyed introducing and sharing with the people around me. 

    I have been with BMW for six years now, and wow does time fly when you're having fun!  My role and responsibility as a sales manager is simple, to provide a complete team of sales staff that truly cares about your needs and manages your expectations only by exceeding them.  In a small town like Kelowna, looking after people is paramount.  I'm proud to be from Kelowna, and honoured to be with BMW. 

  • Trevor Lessard
    New Car Sales Manager

    Trevor has lived in the Okanagan his whole life splitting his time between Vernon and Kelowna.  He has 15 years' experience in the automotive sales industry and takes pride in offering the highest level of customer service possible.  Whether he was at Kelowna Ford or at Kelowna BMW he has always had one of the highest customer service index rating.  Trevor believes that after sales service is of the upmost importance and this is why the majority of his business is repeat and referral.  Many of his clients have become his personal friends.

    When Trevor is not at work he can usually be found at one of Kelowna's many golf courses attempting to break 85.  Being a single father he tries to balance his professional and personal life so he can spend time with his son Christian.  Their favorite thing while spending time with each other is to attend sporting events in either Vancouver or Seattle.  Trevor also loves the outdoors, whether it is biking or hiking on one of the beautiful trails in the Okanagan Valley. 

    Trevor can be contacted at 
    Contact Trevor directly at  250-869-2240

  • David Stratton
    PreOwned Sales Manager
    (250) 860-1269

    As our pre-owned Manager, we have enjoyed David's experience with being a Gold Sales Master with BMW ongoing and as a Leasing Manager to help with a large portfolio here at Kelowna BMW. David started with us in sales in 2011 from a career in import vehicle sales. He has been in automotive sales since 2007 and has had a wide range of customer service and management roles in hospitality. David has an education in business administration and management with Okanagan College.

    If you have spent time with me you will know that my family is my first priority in life. My growing kids keep me motivated to make sure that I am not only a provider, but also a person of whom they can be proud. My wife and I have spent some time on the Island as well as Kelowna and have decided that Kelowna is the best fit for our family.

  • Russell Woodmore
    Parts Manager
    (250) 860-1269

    My name is Russell Woodmore and I have been in the Automotive Industry since the age of fifteen.  I started out cleaning an automotive workshop and washing lot cars.  From there I was offered an apprenticeship as Automotive Technician.  A couple years after receiving my Red Seal, I realized as much as I loved learning and being around cars, a technician wasn't the career for me.  After going away travelling to Europe for months I came back refreshed and started back in the industry as a parts advisor.  Three years later and receiving my Red Seal as a parts advisor, I felt I wanted to further progress in this department.  I then left again travelling for four months in Asia.  Coming back feeling ready to further my career and reach more life goals I started at Kelowna BMW as the Assistant Parts Manager.  I have been at the dealership for almost 3 years now.

    I have always had a passion for BMW!  My first car at sixteen was a 1984 BMW 318i E30, which I completely restored the interior and installed a ridiculously load exhaust (as you do as a teenager). 

    Since then I have owned multiple BMW and MINI cars and couldn't see myself owning anything else! 

  • Rob Blackwell
    Service Manager

    Having worked in the automotive industry for many years Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his current role of Service Manager.

    Building on two years as a service advisor for Kelowna BMW/MINI Kelowna gives Rob the perfect foundation in BMW/MINI product knowledge, and our client expectations.

    Rob has worked in many positions in automotive dealerships, starting as a service valet while still attending high school to fixed operations manager has provided him an understanding of true customer satisfaction.

  • Gary Smedley
    Business Manager

    Kelowna BMW has been my home for the last nine plus years and I have watched its continual growth.  Over my 14 plus years in the automotive industry I have never enjoyed working at a place as much as Kelowna BMW.  In 2004 I obtained degree in Business Administration- Automotive Marketing from Georgian in Barrie, Ontario.  I am the definition of a "Car Enthusiast".  Over the years, I have met many people who share my love for automobiles, helping them drive and own this amazing product has made working here a truly amazing experience.

    BMW corporate has provided me with an astonishing amount of knowledge and training which I am able to pass on to our customers and other staff members.  I am participating as a BMWFS F&I Council Member and am able to give back to BMW by putting forth ideas from our experiences at the retail facility and from our clients.  I have found being a council member and my experience at Kelowna BMW has helped in re-shaping the way we purchase a vehicle in the luxury market.

    My enthusiasm for speed extends to the sports I participate in outside of work.  I really love spending my spare time with my family.  I also am an avid dirt biker and love downhill skiing.  I have also done some car racing which is something I plan to do more of in the future.  I am always glad to get behind the wheel of a performance automobile, if you see me driving you will witness me in my happy place.  The six BMW's that I have owned have taught me there is nothing like the driving experience a BMW gives you.  Come in, drive a BMW and let me help you attain your dream vehicle.  You won't be disappointed!

    Contact Gary Smedley Directly at (250) 870-5330

  • Garret Hull
    Business Manager

    Garret is new to the car industry but has had many years' experience dealing with finance as he has worked in multiple positions with in the financial industry. Growing up on the coast Garret eventually made his way to the Okanagan which he now calls home.  Plucked straight out of school Garret went to work starting from the bottom and rising through the ranks into management.  In that time he also was able to complete multiple designations including his Investment funds of Canada and Branch Compliance.  His knowledge of Banks and Finance and his love of cars made it an ideal transition into Business manager with Kelowna BMW. If you need any assistance with purchasing a vehicle and or questions on how leasing or financing works please do not hesitate to call him directly at 250-859-2883.


    Garret in his spare time enjoys most sporting activities and all the outdoors the Okanagan has to offer. If you don't see if him at the dealership he is most likely out for a round of golf with friends or at the ball diamonds.  


  • Calvin Johnson
    Sales Consultant
    (250) 860-1269

    Calvin Johnson is a sales professional with a in depth understanding of the car industry.  He has over 5 years of experience in sales department with 12 years of experience in the powertrain industry.  He became interested in the sales industry after a few comical experiences at car dealerships with one thought in mind, "I can do better." to this day Calvin continues to excel in the industry with a one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.  Calvin finds a unique balance in his career with a part time skydiving career.  He is a fully rated skydive instructor and tandem master.  Not only can he help you find the perfect car, he can also help you overcome a fear and shorten your bucket list.  Calvin can be contacted at

     Contact Calvin directly at (250) 870-7918


  • Gary Stannell
    Sales Consultant
    (250) 860-1269

    When not at work, I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle, when weather permits.  I also enjoy target shooting with rifles and archery, also hiking, kayaking, and was and still am an avid tennis player.  Many years ago I entered many local tennis tournaments and held the men's single champion title 2 years in a row in a Coquitlam/Burnaby club of 900 members. I have a degree in Business Management which helped me considerably in business.  In my past work experience, I worked in the Refined Petroleum business, and operated large plants for both Shell Canada and Chevron Canada, located at Vancouver International Airport.  I also was involved in the stock market community, and took 1 company public in Vancouver which eventually became Helijet Airways, and helped to take 8 companies public on the junior boards of Nasdaq stock exchanges in New York.  I enjoy working with people and am always interested in talking with people and finding out what they do in their lives as well.  I have now been in the retail automotive industry for over 10 years now, starting with Vernon Toyota, then Nissan Infiniti, and then general sales manager at Mitsubishi before joining Kelowna BMW, which I hope to make my home until retirement, as long as the coffee and hot chocolate machine continues to function OK.

  • Evan Cross
    Sales/Product Specialist

    Evan has been with Kelowna BMW for over 6 years and has been involved in a number of intricate roles ranging from Detail to Internet Marketing.  Today, Evan is a full time Sales Consultant and one of our longest standing employees.  However, his passion and excitement for the BMW brand stems further than through the workplace.  In Evan's spare time, he enjoys purchasing and restoring older BMW's for the sole purpose of keeping the "classics" on the road.  Outside of the BMW world, Evan has a number of different hobbies including a long list of sports, mountain biking and spending time with family.  If you have any questions regarding the BMW Brand, reach out to Evan personally by phone or email.

  • Joshua Meier
    BMW Gold Sales Master

    Josh Meier is a believer in giving a voice to those who do not have one. He is a dedicated donor and volunteer of the Kelowna BCSPCA, as he wishes to give the abused and neglected animals of the Okanagan a second chance at life. 

    Growing up in the Kelowna area, Josh started in the automotive industry in 2011. As a Bachelor's degree graduate of business administration at Okanagan University College, he excelled at sales to be a manager in his field at a young age. In the 2016-2017 year, Josh earned the title of BMW Canada Gold Sales Master by ranking first in Canada for New BMW sales in non-metro dealerships.

    Prior to Kelowna BMW, Josh spent time with Mercedes, Lexus and Dodge; this has given him a great understanding of his competition and what makes BMW stand out. 

    Outside of work Josh is an avid athlete. He enjoys hockey, football, volleyball, and sports banter. He also attends many community events and is a member of local fundraising groups such as 100 Men Who Give a Damn.

    Josh genuinely connects with his customers. He will go above and beyond to ensure you get the service you deserve. It doesn't matter if you're buying a new BMW or a pre-owned vehicle; Josh wants to make sure you're making a decision that is right for you and your family. Josh is prepared to connect you with prior clients who can attest to his invaluable automotive industry knowledge. If you have a question about your current vehicle or you would just like to speak with Josh, he would be happy to take the time to have to conversation. 

    Feel free to call or text Josh directly at (250)-859-7786

  • Evan Kralkay
    Sales Consultant

    I was born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan where I worked as a Sales Specialist at BMW Saskatoon for just over a year.  Late in February I decided to make the move to Kelowna to work as a Sales Specialist here.  It was a very easy decision to make given the beautiful city, great weather, and amazing people that live here.  I am honoured to be living in Kelowna and working at BMW. 


    As a kid I was fascinated by vehicles, the look of them, the sound of them, the performance of them.  I can remember my first vehicle was a 1991 Chevy S10.  From the day I bought that truck I started ripping it apart and putting in new seats, rims, hood, sound system, etc.  On a daily basis you could drive by my house and see my dad yelling at me because I was cutting and welding on the driveway making sparks.  That's when my passion for the automotive industry really took off, since then I acquired a list of cars that I tore apart and restored and added modifications.  To me vehicles are more than just a means of transportation, they are lifestyle.  My passion is what really lead me to want to work for BMW.  I've always had a place in my heart for BMW's,  after a long day nothing makes me happier then to get in my BMW and cruise the beautiful Kelowna roads to unwind, like a breath of fresh air.  Nothing else drives and handles quite like a BMW, they have the perfect mix of luxury and performance.  I now share my passion with every one of my customers when I show what these cars offer and what they are capable of.  It's great because I don't feel like this is a job, when your passion is what you do for a living it makes waking up very easy.


     When I'm not at work I enjoy living an active lifestyle.  growing up I enrolled in many sports including soccer, football, volleyball, and basketball.   Since then I've taken an active interested in weight training and nutrition which has become one of my passions.  I have experience in personal training, as well as contest prep/training/dieting.  I have always been the type of guy that just cannot sit still so the gym has been a great outlet for me to unwind after a long day and stay fit at the same time.  

  • Morgan Ellis
    Sales Consultant

    Morgan is a BC boy and has called Kelowna home for the last 20 years.   He went to university in Kamloops where he majored in sociology and was an elite member of the varsity basketball team. 

    Morgan has been in the car business for nearly 5 years and come to us from the Sentes Automotive Group, where he excelled receiving awards for sales & customer service.  

    Passionate about luxury vehicles and positive energy, the move to Kelowna BMW was a natural fit.  Morgan come to us with the title "Lord of Glencoe", making him the only Lord at the dealership.  (ask him about it)  

    In his free time, Morgan is very outgoing and still plays in completive basketball leagues in Kelowna.  He is also a season pass holder at Big White where you will see him on his snowboard craving up the hill.  

    Morgan is also part of the charity '100 Men That Give a Damn'.  Friend, family, and a happy/healthy lifestyle are very important to Morgan.   His attitude and way of life shines through with his clients providing them with a fun and professional experience.   

  • Gustavo Godeghesi
    Sales Consultant

  • Corey Kowalski
    Marketing - Photo/Video

    I have learned so much from all the amazing staff here about the vehicles and also about the car industry.  I truly believe that BMW is the ultimate driving machine after working with the brand for over a year.  I really enjoy my position here at the dealership as the Internet Marketing Coordinator/Photographer.  

    Born and raised in Ontario I moved a decent amount starting from Kapuskasing where I was born down south to Huntsville where I attended all of my schooling.  During high school I was very athletic especially with snowboarding.  My friends and I would make our own movies of us snowboarding and we were always pushing ourselves harder in the sport .  After graduating I decided it was time to adventure and see what more life has to offer than just whats inside my small hometown.  I moved to a few cities further down south where I continued to snowboard and film for movies.

    I decided to visit some friends of mine who moved to Kelowna so I jumped onto a greyhound bus from Toronto and spent the next 3 and a half days travelling across the country.  I have stayed here since I arrived in Kelowna about 8 years ago.  I still am very passionate about snowboarding, over the years a have gathered a good amount of sponsors and still compete and film for movies.

  • Shana Lillie
    (250) 860-1269

  • Cheryl Sterling
    (250) 860-1269

  • Denise Boury

  • Jen Barton
    Warranty Administration
    (250) 860-1269

    Jen has been working with Kelowna BMW for 3 years now.  She started out her first position at the dealership as a receptionist and has done accounts receivable/payable and now is currently Warranty Administrator.

  • Kirsten Kristjanson
    Service Advisor

  • Kyle Van Sickle
    Service Advisor

    Kyle has been working in the automotive industry since graduating high school in 2002.  Starting out in the wash bay and quickly moving into the service department.  He brings years of customer service experience to Kelowna BMW.

    Raised in Dawson Creek BC, Kyle relocated to Kelowna in 2011 and has been enjoying the beautiful Okanagan since.  Kyle has a passion for martial arts and in his spare time teaches and trains Muay Thai and Kickboxing at First Strike Martial Arts here in Kelowna.

  • Kyli Haugland
    Service Advisor

    Kyli is new to the car industry, but she spent many years training and selling Icelandic horses to clients all over the world.  She considers Icelandics the BMW's of the horse world and is used to providing top quality service to clients, which has helped her settle in well in the luxury car business.

    Kyli grew up on a horse farm in the Kootneys and then attended UBCO, graduating in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Psychology.  She spends most of her spare time with a different type of horse power though; her three quarter horses.  Horses are her passion as well as competing with them in barrel racing and rodeo events around BC.  She is also very creative and enjoys drawing, refinishing furniture, creating unique home decor items, as well as making her own "bling" horse tack.

    Kyli is glad she chose to call Kelowna home after graduating, and loves all the friendships she has made and knowledge she has gained working at Kelowna BMW.

  • Nick Crowder
    Appointment Coordinator

    Nick was born and raised in Kelowna and enjoys all that the beautiful Okanagan has to offer.  He studied business at Okanagan College and is a major sports enthusiast.

    Nick Began his career in the automotive industry working in detail and now is a junior advisor in the service department.

    Nick has the passion and drive to ensure customers always have the best man on their team as he believes customer service is the most important aspect in any business.  He believes BMW is an exciting company to learn and grow with.

  • Mike Hall
    Shuttle Driver

  • Donald Davidson (Duckster)

  • Marcus Woodmore
    Parts Consultant
    (250) 860-1269

    I started out my career with Kelowna BMW/MINI Kelowna back in 2008 as one of the wash personnel & have since progressed through various positions throughout the dealership.  I have been with the parts department for roughly 5 years now as an established parts consultant.  For me, BMW doesn't end when the dealership closes for the day.  The BMW brand is something that has become a passion of mine.  I have been fortunate enough to get to learn first-hand & appreciate what makes these cars so special to own & drive.  Over the years, I have owned 8 BMW's that range from the mid 80's all the way up to my current daily driver-2007 335i.  This has given me the opportunity to gain a lot of hands on experience that I can apply everyday directly at the dealership.  It has also allowed me to witness the growth/progression of BMW as a brand & why they have always been a leader when it comes to the innovation of a "drivers" car.  Working at Kelowna BMW/MINI Kelowna, I can share my passion everyday with many like-minded individuals that all share the same common goal, to provide you with the ultimate BMW experience.

  • Scott Woodmore
    Parts Consultant

  • Adam Young
    Parts Consultant

  • Thomas Gerhard
    Shop Foreman
    (250) 860-1269

    Born in Bedburg Germany, moved to St. Albert Alberta in 1984.  Thomas has lived in the Okanagan area since 1995.  He completed a 4 year Automotive Apprenticeship in 2002 at William's Automotive in Kelowna BC.  Thomas started with Kelowna BMW when the store opened in 2005 and has been with the BMW brand for 11 years.

  • Tim Protheroe
    (250) 860-1269

    I started working with BMW in 2004 after moving from Ford where I worked as Master Technician & Shop Manager.  I have over 28 years experience as an automotive technician.  During this time I have passed many stages of training, in 2007 I attended the IMI ( Institute of the Motor Industry).  The IMI is the voluntary UK based professional register for highly trained & skilled automotive technicians.  After attending & passing different tests & exams, I was awarded IMI membership.  Gaining this membership meant that I had achieved one of the many goals i set myself.

  • John Braun
    (250) 860-1269

    John was born in the Okanagan and made the move with his family to Kelowna in 1991.  John is a Red Seal Technician with over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry and has spent the last 8 years at Kelowna BMW.

  • Erik Forsstrom
    (250) 860-1269

    Erik has been a technician at Kelowna BMW for over 5 years.  He is born and raised in Kelowna.  In his spare time he enjoys exploring the outdoors with such activities as camping, fishing and hiking.

  • Barry Lachuk

    Barry has lived in the beautiful Okanagan for the past 18 years.  He has been a Technician for 20 years giving him lots of experience.  When not at Kelowna BMW working Barry enjoys being outdoors.

  • Brendan McGreal

    Brendan is a Red Seal Certified Technician with who began his career in the automotive industry in 2007.  Working mainly for Kelowna BMW since 2008, with a brief period spent at a private performance shop, he enjoys and appreciates the intricacies and challenges of the BMW brand.  In addition to being a technician, his other interests include automotive performance modification and autosport, mountain biking and snowboarding, and of course enjoying the many other outdoor activities that the Okanagan has to offer.

  • David Trinh

  • Kenneth Anderson

  • Jason Weightman

  • Jordan Dufresne
    Apprentice Technician
    (250) 860-1269

  • Kyle Hodgins
    Apprentice Technician
    (250) 860-1269

    Kyle was born in Abbotsford and moved to the Okanagan 13 years ago.  He loves Kelowna for all that it has to offer.  In his spare time Kyle enjoys working on imported cars, especially his Nissan Skyline.  He also enjoys competing in drifting competitions, playing the guitar and watching movies.  Kyle has his first year of schooling under his belt and plans on going back to continue his education in the near future.

  • Taylor Preston

  • Chris Yorke

    Chris was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario.  He is now 44 years old and has been working for car dealerships for 18 years as a detailer.  With that many years in the car industry under his belt he has learned the best ways to detail a vehicle.  Chris has been living in the beautiful Okanagan now for 15 years now.   In his spare time Chris loves sports especially Hockey and Football.   He also enjoys playing pool and is part of a pool league in Kelowna where he plays every Tuesday.

  • Jeroen Van Kooy

    Jeroen has been around the car business since he was very young.  He started a career in the automotive industry as a detailer in the 90's.  When not working at Kelowna BMW you can find Jeroen enjoying the beautiful summer days swimming and spending time with his family.  Jeroen is also really enjoys spending time watching movies.

  • Conor Mooney

  • Ben Evans

  • Trevor Jones

  • Bailey Ivan