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BMW Demo Cars For Sale

New vehicles at reduced prices sound too good to be true but that's exactly what you get with a demo vehicle. Kelowna BMW has a great selection of BMW demo vehicles for sale. BMW demo cars from Kelowna BMW are well cared for by our hardworking staff so you get a low mileage, gently used new vehicle for exceptional prices.

Looking for a demo car for sale? Stop by Kelowna BMW or take a look at our available inventory online.


Have Questions for the Dealer About Demo Cars for Sale?


What is a demo car?

Demo cars are vehicles that have never been purchased or registered to an owner and only been lightly used by the dealership. Because they have never been registered they are considered new and qualify for all new car programs and incentives such as leasing and low interest rates.

How many kilometres are on a demo vehicle?

Demo vehicles usually have between 1500-5000 kilometres on them by the time they are available for sale.This number will vary from vehicle to vehicle so speak with your sales associate about the demo vehicle you're interested in.

Will my demo vehicle still be under warranty?

Yes! While the factory warranty begins from the moment the vehicle is put into use, you will have the remaining balance of the factory warranty if the model. Warranties are typically transferable and extended warranty options may work for you. Talk to a representative about your warranty options.

Why Buy a Demo Car?

Cost savings

Eligible for lease or finance

Well cared for and in like new condition