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MINI Demo Cars For Sale

Demo cars are a great way to put yourself in a new vehicle for less. These lightly used vehicles have been driven by dealership staff and never registered to an outside owner. Low mileage and well maintained, a demo car is ideal for drivers seeking new vehicles at affordable prices. Kelowna BMW has a wide selection of demo cars for sale. Browse our selection of MINI demo cars below and find the perfect MINI for you.

Have Questions About Demo Vehicles?


Why should I buy a demo vehicle?

Purchasing a demo vehicle has numerous benefits to the buyer. Not only do you save money, but buying a demo MINI will also allow you to skip the waiting period between purchase time and driving off the lot, while giving you access to higher spec models. They typically have higher resale value due to a limited number of owners, beneficial for those looking to sell down the road. Curious about the benefits of buying a demo vehicle? Get in touch with the team at Kelowna BMW to discuss how a demo car can work for you.

Will my demo car be under warranty?


Demo vehicles start their factory warranty once the dealership starts using them. If there is still time left on the factory warranty when you take the keys, the warranty will transfer over to you for the remainder of the coverage period.

What is a demonstration vehicle?

Despite being driven before, a demonstration vehicle is considered to be new because it has never been registered with an owner. These vehicles have been gently used by a member of the of our team or managers. You know you're getting high quality vehicle because it has been driven by an invested member of our staff.

Will my demo vehicle have a history report?


Yes! Your demo car will come with a full vehicle history report so you know exactly where your new car has been.

Benefits of Buying a Demo Car

Lower Prices

High Spec Vehicle for Less

Higher Resale Value

No Surprises

No Waiting Period

Warranty or Extended Warranty Options