Service Specials

Spring Service Specials

Tires & Alignment

We can store your tires! Save time, space and your back by having us store your tires.

Tire Storage $100.00/season

It's that time of year again to have your summer tires installed and alignment completed. 

Summer wheel install & alignment $199.95 ($30.00 off)

Mount and balance summer tires & alignment - up to 18" wheels $269.95 ($30.00 off) 

Mount and balance summer tires & alignment - 19" plus wheels $299.95 ($30.00 off)

Why Kelowna BMW/MINI alignment service?

A lot of basic alignment services, like the ones offered at tire shops, only adjust the front toe: which is the angle of the two front wheels in comparison to each other. For example, if your BMW/MINI's wheels are "toe-in," the front edges of the wheels are closer to each other than the rear edges.

So the tire shop technician "aligns" your front tires and sends you on your way thinking that your BMW/MINI is in tip-top shape.

What you may not realize is that there is more to your BMW/MINI's alignment than that. Things like the weight, balance, and ride height of the car need to be calibrated, as do important elements like the camber and caster. When completed correctly an alignment will lead to increased tire life, saving money and improving performance. For optimal performance you should have an alignment completed annually.  


Let us make sure your air conditioning will keep you cool come summer.

Air conditioning leak test and recharge - includes one pound of refrigerant and a genuine BMW Air Freshener Starter kit $224.95 ($50.00 off) 

Any addition repairs needed for the heating, ventilation and cooling system will be completed at 10% off

Micro-Filter replacement 15% off

Beyond cold air

The air conditioning system in your BMW/MINI does much more than make you comfortable when it is hot. Having a properly functioning A/C system is integral to the operation of your defrost and defogger. If the refrigerant charge is too low, or empty the inside of your BMW/MINI cannot dehumidify. This has an obvious impact on the cold weather performance of the system. 

Low refrigerant charge also negatively affects the operation and life of the compressor. The compressor is lubricated by oil that is present in the refrigerant. Adequate lubrication is required to keep your compressor working. 

Furthermore if the in-cabin micro air filter is not replaced regularly, in most cases every 24 months, the filter will become plugged which in turn puts excessive load on the compressor and reduces efficiencies.

Oil Services

Is it time for your annual oil change? We have a surprise for you!

Lube oil filter - 3 and 4 cylinder engines $99.95 

Lube oil filter - V8 engines $149.95

Lube oil filter - Diesel engines and M vehicles $199.95

The best oil for BMW/MINI engines

BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine Oil supports the core traits of modern BMW engines and helps maximize power and efficiency. They offer enhanced viscosity, which enables better cold starts and consistent performance. Original BMW Engine Oils also have an Active Cleansing Technology which helps protect against corrosion and wear and tear in the engine.

Heritage Special

All BMW/MINI vehicles that are 15 years and older qualify for 10% off all repairs.

---Taxes, shop supplies and levies are extra. Specials cannot be combined with other offers.

Mention this online only promotion at the time of booking to receive the special pricing!