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BMW’s New Logo: What’s Your Opinion


As we enter the fall season of 2020, folks have had several months to adjust to BMW’s exciting (and slightly controversial!) new logo, which was unveiled in March of this year and featured the biggest logo redesign from the brand in over 100 years. The jury is still out for many as to whether they love the changes or need a little more time to warm up to it - but here at Kelowna BMW, our team is most interested in how our Kelowna clients feel about BMW’s brand-new logo!


The new design has moved on from BMW’s 3D-effect logo from the 90s, and has been transformed to feature a flat, minimalist style. BMW also removed the black ring from around the logo and replaced it with a crystal clear transparent ring. An interesting side effect of this new style is that it allows the colour of your BMW vehicle to show through the transparent ring, providing a different effect depending on the colour of your vehicle. The iconic ‘BMW’ lettering remains whlte, though the font has also changed, adding to the contemporary and modern vibe that BMW brand designers were aiming to achieve.

“The new communication logo radiates openness and clarity. With this new transparent variant, we want to invite our customers more than ever to become part of the BMW world.” - Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW

Are You ‘Team Traditional’ or ‘Future Friendly?’

BMW-owners are a dedicated bunch, and there has been a wide range of opinions about BMW’s 2020 logo redesign. Most have been incredibly receptive to the new logo, and appreciate that the minimalist 2D design allows for greater variability for the brand, both now and in the future. But some traditionalists and designers argue that the black outer ring was too iconic, and vital to distinguishing the BMW logo from other “round” logos, to get rid of it. They believe that a new 2D logo could have easily been created to incorporate the outer black ring in some way. Would it truly have been a logo redesign, the first in over 20 years, if virtually everything stayed the same, though? The most important blue and white centre circle is still prominent, and many companies, like Mini and Volkswagen, also designed similar new 2D logos in order to keep up with modern design trends. Tell us honestly: what’s your opinion on the new BMW logo?!

Which 2020 BMWs Feature the New Logo?

BMW has clarified that not all of its 2020 lineup of cars, crossovers and SUVs will feature the new logo, though we are eager to see it debut on more vehicles in 2021 and beyond. So far, the new logo has been modelled on the BMW i4 concept car, but BMW has disclosed that a part of the decision to move forward with a slow roll out is that they’re carefully taking customer opinions into account before adding the new logo to the full BMW lineup. For now, it’s being used across all other areas of BMW branding and communications.

We are expecting plenty of new-logo BMWs to be arriving at the dealership in the near future, so if you are interested in purchasing a new BMW from our extensive inventory of iconic cars and SUVs, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Kelowna BMW sales team! We’re here to answer all of your questions, chat about exciting BMW news, and, of course, help you find the BMW vehicle of your dreams. Our Kelowna, BC dealership is open, and we are ready to serve our community members from across the Okanagan Valley, Southern British Columbia and beyond!