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How to Spring Clean Your BMW

When spring rolls around, it can be easy to get so excited about the upcoming summer

We get the summer Spotify playlist updated, the comfortable shorts out of storage, and the sunscreen ready. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget about spring cleaning. The good news is that spring cleaning your BMW is a lot more fun than spring cleaning your basement. Here's why we vote yes to spring cleaning your vehicle.

You're Ready for Road Trips

When your vehicle comes out from under the dark cloud of winter, so does the undercarriage. It's important to ensure that your M series or other is completely free of salt and dirt. Salt and dirt (which often contains salt) is one of the biggest culprits for rusting and corroding vehicle bodies and underbodies. Make sure that your vehicle is thoroughly washed to remove all salt and winter dirt.

In addition to making sure the exterior of your vehicle is clean, it's important to have the inside detailed. Just like the outside, we get salt on our floor mats and doors from our shoes or winter boots. While these parts of your vehicle won't rust, it doesn't look too hot. A professional detailing will have these components looking as good as new in no time. Only once you're spick and span with a detailing from Kelowna BMW, will be you truly be ready for a sleek summer road trip.

Is the Machine Ready for Summer?

While it's easy to think about the visual appeal of getting ready for summer, it's also important to consider the mechanical components of your vehicle that can be affected by our cold BC winters. We suggest taking the following precautions to ensure that you'll be safe from Kelowna to Vernon and beyond:

Check your engine bay for any debris or dirt, and ensure that it is clear from obstruction

Take your tire pressure and make sure that it did not drop during the winter months; it should fall into the manufacturer-recommended guidelines which are printed on the tires themselves

If you had winter tires on, have them swapped over to your summer tires with a proper balancing

Brakes. Test them thoroughly and ensure that they're ready for the season. If you're not familiar with how to do this, our service team can help.

Ensure that your oil is topped up and your filter is clean. Even if you're checking before the recommended time, winter can surprise you with a shorter reserve.

Ready for Detailing?

Here at Kelowna BMW, BMWs are what we do best. With a premium vehicle, you want a premium dealer to service and detail your vehicle. Don't trust just anyone with your luxury vehicle; we know BMWs inside and out and detail them accordingly. We offer a wide range of detailing services for your vehicle.

We do exterior washes with soft-touch as well as waxing. We do interior detailing with full cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing, and the applicant of detail coatings. You'll also have the option to have your trunk cleaned. We'll also make sure that your wheels are looking good with a shammy and rim cleaning.

When booking your detailing, include as much information as possible about the level of service required. We have different options available based on the level of cleaning required and your needs. Here are some common detailing considerations:

Pet hair: how much and where is it in the vehicle?

Cigarette smoke: do you smoke in the vehicle and how prominent is the odour?

Seasonal debris: salt, sand, mud and crud

Stains: from coffee to the rain that snuck in when you forgot to put the window up last week, let us know if there are any moisture spots or stains to be addressed and shampooed

Exterior areas that might need extra attention, such as bird droppings or stains

Whatever the level of detailing needed, Kelowna BMW can help. While we love our BMWs, we service all makes and models. If you're ready to get your vehicle looking hot for spring, book your detailing with us and we'll make it happen. You deserve it.