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The All-New 2019 BMW X5

Finding the Apex in SUV Luxury

Conquering the rugged roads of the Okanagan no longer requires the crude SUVs of yesteryear. In 2019, BMW is releasing the X5 once again -- complete with a fresh design that modernizes both the function and appearance of the opulent crossover. Kelowna BMW is excited to offer this pinnacle of engineering to our esteemed clients in the valley.

A New Take on a Heralded Model

The 2019 BMW X5 will be this model's fourth rejuvenation. Its predecessors set the bar for SUVs, both in comfort and class. In the latest version, immense attention to detail has been placed to ensure the driver is met with the epitome of innovation that the BMW brand is known for. In terms of general appearance, minor adjustments have been made to improve upon the classic outward design of the vehicle. Looking beyond the shell, you will find new features and advancements in the following areas:


A main area of focus when redesigning this model was to provide better handling no matter what terrain is being driven on. The X5 delivers marvelously with hill-descent control and the options of an off-road package -- something we highly recommend to our customers braving the steep mountain passages that surround Kelowna. Another addition to the X5's control is that of rear-wheel drive, providing strength from the back of the vehicle.

As you step down on the gas pedal, you'll be met with the power of 335 horses in the base model alone, surged by a 3.0 turbocharged engine. If more power is what you seek, the twin-turbo, 456 horsepower V-8 delivers, though you'd never know it from listening to the quieted engine.


Experience the highest level of safety that BMW has to offer with autonomous driving features. Allow your X5 to smoothly change lanes without your assistance, or have it act as your own personal valet, parking the vehicle for you. Safety goes one step further with the ability for the vehicle to detect when the driver is overcome with exhaustion by use of special cameras that monitor eye movement. Traffic Jam Assistant lowers the chance of a collision by allowing the driver up to 30 seconds of hands-free time while detecting the presence of other vehicles or obstacles.


Though you may find yourself distracted by all of the leather, wood, glass, and crystal found inside the cabin, the real beauty is definitely in the electronic aspects. Two 12.3-inch display screens allow for optimal visualization of controls and navigation with a superior Bowers & Wilkin sound system to be added to the vehicle later in the year, along with entertainment options for the back seats. The lighting inside the X5 is well-planned, resulting in a sleek nighttime ambiance when the doors are opened.

When the Kelowna summer gets unbearably hot, cool your drink off in the cupholder, or receive a massage from the seat on your way home from the office. Even on cloudy nights, a look up into the panoramic sunroof will greet you with twinkling stars from the small lights that are embedded in the glass. Making extra space in the back involves just the simple task of pushing a button, with the cargo cover automatically storing itself under the floor of the vehicle. It's clear to see that technology has never looked as beautiful as it does in an X5.

"The Bavarians are perfectly content to prove that this X5 is simply a better, more capable, and more advanced version of the last X5. And that's exactly what it is."

- Joey Capparella

Explore the Innovation In Person

Kelowna BMW is excited to begin offering the 2019 BMW X5 later this year. If you'd like to stay updated on exact release dates and upcoming in-house offers, contact us today. For nationwide BMW incentives, check here. And for any of your BMW needs, be it sales or service, look to our dealership for the ultimate customer experience.