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Why a Pre-Owned BMW is Worth the Money

Have you ever heard the saying that you don't need to spend a lot of money to look good?

Nothing could be more true when talking about breaking into the luxury car market. BMW is a household name that everyone knows and trusts, and although it's a swift combination of German engineering and luxury finesse, as far as luxury vehicles go, it's also downright affordable. In fact, some of the used BMW models are cheaper than buying a new domestic brand, like the BMW's under $20,000 right here at our dealership!

Here's why you should consider buying a used BMW when the time comes to buy your next car:

Certified Pre-owned Guarantee

At Kelowna BW, all of our used BMW's for sale come backed by a Certified Pre-Owned guarantee. But what does that mean, exactly? There are plenty of used cars for sale throughout the province. But only a Certified Pre-Owned car comes with the following peace of mind:

Full inspection prior to sale

Reconditioned using authentic BMW parts

Available Factory Extended Warranty

Buying or financing a used vehicle can be a bit of a gamble, especially if you're unsure of your soon-to-be vehicle's past. All Certified Pre-Owned BMW's must not only have a safety inspection, but they must also be subjected to rigorous inspection by our in-house BMW service specialists. If something looks out of place, or doesn't sound just right, they'll make sure the vehicle is fully operational and safe before it enters our lot, so that your BMW is perfect once you hit the open road.

At Kelowna BMW, we take it one step further with our Certified Series program. This lineup of pre-owned BMW's is specially reserved for the vehicles that pass our 360° Survey and Reconditioning process. Read more about that, here.

Less Money, More Value

There's nothing wrong with wanting to buy a brand new car. But, keep in mind, the minute you drive off the lot in it, depreciation kicks in, and your flashy new BMW loses half of its value. Even if you decide to sell the car within a month, you won't get anywhere close to what you paid for. That's where the value of a used BMW comes in. For starters, the overall price is much cheaper. Keep in mind that sometimes, drivers change their minds within months of ownership, which means you're getting a like-new vehicle while saving thousands of dollars off the original MSRP. Plus, if the former owner added any upgrades or packages, you not only get an incredible deal, but you save money on accessories or add-ons that essentially you're getting for free.

This spring, drive in style behind the wheel of a pre-owned BMW. Check out our current used BMW's for sale, and don't forget to contact us online to book a test drive.