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Winter Tires for BMWs in Kelowna and Beyond

When you're cruising in a BMW, it's easy to get caught up in our premium aesthetics and comfortable interiors. With that being said, it's never recommended to forget your winter tires. With sport-tuned suspensions and engines that are worth hearing, back up your BMW with the right winter tires to keep you on the road this season. Here's what we recommend for winter in BC.

Why do we Need Winter Tires?

When winter hits, everyone panics. This is why we suggest getting winter tires early. We've had a touch of snow, which has thankfully vanished, and that should be more than enough warning. Here in BC, it's illegal to drive in many parts of the province and its highways (especially northern areas and mountain passages) without winter tires on your vehicle. Here's a list of where you can and can't travel without winter tires.

More important than just avoiding a fine, winter tires help you avoid accidents. Nothing is more important than the safety of yourself and your family, so don't put it at risk. When buying winter tires for your BMW, we will help you ensure that you have options to choose from at different prices that are right for your unique vehicle. Once you've chosen the best option for you, our dedicated elite service team can install your winter tires for you quickly and easily.

When to Get Your Winter Tires

When the temperature starts to drop (at seven degrees Celcius, according to experts), this is when it's time for concern, even if there's no snow. When the temperatures start to slip, the tire pressure starts to change as well. This means less traction and decreased reaction times, which isn't great for keeping you on the road.

You'll also notice that the perceived density and tire texture starts to change with the drop in temperature as well. This also has a negative impact on performance and reaction times and is another encouragement to find your next set of winter tires.

We also suggest getting your winter tires installed earlier rather than later to simply avoid the rush. Once the snow hits, everyone panics. Don't put yourself into panic and into line with everyone else, book your tire installation online today. We vow to take care of your vehicle every step of the way, and we start with honouring your appointment time and ensuring that your experience here is nothing but extraordinary. We'll remove your summer tires, put your winter tires on, and perform any other services or scheduled maintenance that your BMW requires. Beat the rush and book today!