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Kelowna BMW Finance and Leasing Resources

Valuable Information to Help you Make an Informed Decision

Our goal is to ensure you're driving a BMW that meets your needs, fits your budget, and is something you're completely comfortable with. When you invest in a BMW, it's an exciting and important milestone in your life, but it also comes with decisions and the first is whether to finance or lease your new BMW. There are benefits and limitations to both, so there isn't one right answer. Leasing or financing is a decision you have to make for yourself, but we're here to give you professional advice and help guide you into making the right decision for your lifestyle.

Financing and Leasing Explained

Rather than list the 'good vs. bad' features of leasing and financing, it's more important to explain the key differences between the two so you can decide which option suits you best.

Down Payment

It's common for individuals financing a BMW or any make of vehicle to make a down payment in the range of 10% of the vehicle you're looking to finance. Leasing generally requires the first month's installment as a down payment. Of course all of this depends on an individual's credit score and other factors.

Monthly Payments

Generally speaking, you will pay a lower monthly payment when leasing a vehicle because you're mostly paying for the depreciation of the car or SAV that occurs while you drive it.


You're often limited in how you can customize your BMW if you're leasing it. Since the vehicle you're driving will be resold once your lease is over, dealerships need to ensure they can sell the car or SAV again. Just because you love the changes you've made to your BMW, future drivers might not. If you're looking to customize your BMW, it likely makes the most sense to finance it.

KM Limitations

When leasing a vehicle you'll only be allowed to drive a certain amount of kilometres each year and if you go over you'll likely have to pay a penalty. This is to ensure the vehicle has plenty of life in it and is in good shape at the end of the lease. If you don't drive often or long distances, leasing may be the right decision for you.

New BMWs and New Technology

If you're the kind of person who likes to have the most current technology and features in their vehicle, when you lease a BMW you're only locked into driving it for a few years. Once the lease is up you can bring it back and move up to a newer, more capable vehicle. If you prefer to drive your vehicle for the long-term, consider financing your next BMW.

Commercial Lease

Small, medium and large companies all over BC lease their vehicles. BMW cars and SAVs are popular in all sorts of industries and in most cases these vehicles are being leased. By leasing BMWs for your business, you're building your brand's reputation by going with one of the most recognized and respected automakers in the world. BMW's stylish, powerful, and efficient vehicles will perform and likely exceed your expectations. And when you lease BMWs for your business and renew your lease every few years, you know you'll be getting the newest, most advanced cars and SAVs available.

Contact our finance team with any questions or concerns you have about financing and leasing a BMW? Your staff are always happy to provide professional advice to our loyal customers.