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What Winter Tires Work Best for BMW?

Being a BMW owner is a big deal - you drive one of the most iconic, powerful and perfectly engineered cars on the road! In order to get the most out of your BMW, you’ll want to make sure that you’re treating it with care, and that includes swapping out your summer tires for a pair of winter boots that can handle our unpredictable Kelowna weather. Since BMW vehicles are carefully engineered using only the best parts on the market, Kelowna BMW’s service and parts technicians recommend sticking with BMW-approved tires. Our team has taken the liberty of breaking down some winter-tire basics to help you decide on the best set of tires for your ride!

Why do I Need Winter Tires Anyway?

The only point of contact between your car and the road is a set of four tires. A lot is riding on those tires, including performance and, most importantly, the safety of you and your passengers. Summer and winter tires are quite different, and it’s important to understand exactly how these two types of tires perform on the road:

  • The type of rubber used in winter tires is more flexible and soft to improve grip in colder conditions; summer tires are made with a harder rubber compound that can withstand the heat of the road and hold their shape for ultimate performance.
  • Winter tires feature more deep grooves and channels that push snow to the side and help maintain contact between the tires and the road. In snow and slush conditions, winter tires can reduce your braking distance by up to 50% compared to summer tires in the same conditions. That can be the difference between avoiding a collision or needing to call your insurance company.
  • Your tires will lose pressure as the temperature drops, which can impact their ability to grip the road for acceleration and braking. Winter tires are engineered with compounds that help reduce that pressure loss.
  • Our technicians recommend changing your tires when the temperature starts to consistently stay in the single digits. That way, your BMW will be ready to perform at its very best regardless of what the winter season has in store for Kelowna.

BMW-Approved Tires are up to the Challenge

Your BMW is a specially crafted piece of equipment from headlights to trunk, and that includes the tires that you put on your car, crossover or SUV. BMW’s Star Approved Tires are developed in collaboration with top tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone and Goodyear, and are fine-tuned to complement your specific model of BMW. When you see that BMW star of approval, you can trust that your tires have been rigorously tested in over 50 different scenarios to meet world class handling, performance and safety standards. Not only are BMW’s tailor-made winter tires designed to fit the exact safety specifications of your vehicle, but true to BMW standards they also come in a variety of stylish wheel packages and designs. Performance, style and safety is what BMW does best.

Not sure exactly which winter tires are right for your BMW? Leave the tough stuff to us! Our experienced service and parts technicians at Kelowna BMW will walk you through your options, and make recommendations based on your specific model of car or SUV. We’ll make sure that you drive away with confidence knowing that you’ve got the best tires for your BMW keeping you and your passengers safe in BC this winter. Give us a call to speak with one of our team members about your winter tire needs today!