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Why Use BMW-Friendly Oil

We know that living expenses (especially in BC!) can get expensive, and trying to work within a budget to save money is a necessary part of life. But cutting costs on servicing your BMW can lead to a wide range of problems that will only cost you more money down the road and affect the performance of your sporty set of wheels! There are a host of reasons why you should treat your ride with BMW-specific TLC, including everything from installing BMW Star-Approved Winter Tires to using BMW-friendly oil for your oil changes. Our BMW-certified service technicians at Kelowna BMW are here to give you the lowdown on why it’s important to use a specific type of oil when servicing your ride, so that you can protect and enjoy your investment for years to come.

BMW-Friendly Oil vs The Other Guy

There are two main types of oil available for vehicles: natural oil (sometimes called “conventional oil”) and synthetic engine oil. Conventional oil is refined from crude oil to remove contaminants, though it typically still contains some level of contaminants that make it through the refinement process. It is often thicker in appearance and burns less cleanly. Synthetic oil is partially man-made, as it uses the same refined crude-oil as natural oil and then special compounds are added in a controlled environment. There is essentially no “bad oil,” but the level of refinement and quality of additives can certainly contribute to the quality of engine oil. BMW takes things one step further with its premium-engineered synthetic oil, which is crafted using precision-refined crude oil that is synthesized with specific additives that boost the performance of any BMW vehicle. Why is oil quality so important? Synthetic oil has a long list of ecological and performance benefits, including:

  • Fewer emissions and better fuel economy
  • Better engine protection due to lower friction
  • Improved performance in a wide range of temperatures (including sub-zero)
  • Helps clear the engine of deposits and sludge
  • Oil quality is standardized, so it’s effectiveness is more predictable
  • Increased intervals between oil changes
  • Performance benefits from the additives in BMW premium synthetic oil

Only the Best for Your Bimmer

Your BMW is a specially crafted machine, and our experts agree that you should only be using premium BMW synthetic engine oil for your oil changes. Although the initial cost of BMW-friendly oil is higher than conventional oil, the benefits of synthetic oil will undoubtedly save you money over time. Your BMW can go as long as 12,000 km (or once annually, whichever comes first) between oil changes, compared to other brands of vehicles which require an oil change every 4500-5000 km with conventional oil. You can also look forward to improved gas mileage, better protection from Kelowna’s unpredictable weather, and significantly less maintenance and repairs since your synthetic oil cleans the engine while you drive. Our BMW service technicians strongly advise against using conventional oil in any model of BMW car or SUV.

There is a list of BMW-approved oils that correlate with specific models of BMWs, so your best option for ensuring that you get the right oil for your ride is to have your vehicle serviced by the master technicians at a BMW-approved service centre like Kelowna BMW. Our experts know the intricacies of BMW’s unique parts and design, and can help maintain your vehicle better than a general auto shop.

BMW manufactures and designs some of the most complex cars on the road, and you want to be sure that you’re giving your vehicle the star treatment it deserves. Using premium BMW synthetic oil is one of the easiest steps you can take to ensure that your ride performs at it’s best for years to come, and you can trust the master technicians at Kelowna BMW’s Service Centre to help you find the right parts and fuel for your specific model of BMW car or SUV.